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Yoga 101:

This class is highly recommended for beginners who want to start an active physical practice. We focus on introducing and building a practice with a strong foundation in the fundamental asanas wherein we breakdown sun salutations, standing, seated and lying poses. Experienced yogis are welcome if you would like to review the basics to enhance your current practice.

Yoga 102(Vinyasa):

Vinyasa is a style of yoga wherein we link each pose with breath. There is a flowing movement that challenges the student not only physically but also mentally. This practice will help you build strength, stamina, and flexibility. ALL levels.

Restorative Yoga:

This class includes poses that are held around 5 to 15 minutes. The poses are supported by props such as bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps, and eye pillows to enable the body and mind to fully relax, restore and heal. We also use essential oils to enhance your experience and deepen your relaxation. ALL levels.

Yin Yoga:

This is the cousin of restorative yoga, however, poses are only held around 3 to 7 minutes and the student feels the stretch and sensation in each pose which targets the connective tissues around the joints. Yin offers deeper access to the body that helps in maintaining flexibility. A passive practice yet both physically and mentally challenging.


Yinyasa is a fusion of yin yoga and vinyasa.  Yin is practiced first, to effectively target and lengthen the connective tissues in the body.  This is followed by an active, strengthening vinyasa practice.

Flow then Restore:

This class is designed to give students the experience of both benefits of a flow and restorative class. We begin class with an active flow sequence then followed by a relaxing restorative sequence. ALL levels.

Prenatal Yoga:

This class is intended to help expectant mothers prepare for the challenges they will face during both childbirth and motherhood. This class will get you breathing and moving with modified sun salutations, both dynamic and static poses and of course relaxation. The goal is to create a safe atmosphere where expectant mothers may practice and move mindfully with regards to what is available to them in that moment. The class will focus on strengthening the body, opening the body and practicing awareness, mindfulness and meditation.

Yin Yoga-Nidra:

Class starts with Yin Yoga that aims to release some energy stagnation in our body in order to calm our energy and mind down by lengthening and strengthening our connective tissues. Yoga Nidra is practiced during savasana at the end of class. Yoga Nidra is a conscious yoga way of a power nap, with exploring the state of “almost-falling-asleep.” It is a guided meditation practice lying down, which deeply relaxes our nervous system and mind. As it is widely known, 20-30 minutes of this practice is equivalent of 4 hours of sleep which can replace sleep, reduce stress, and make you feel energized.
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