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Debra Junio, RYT

Debra Junio Yoga Teacher
My yoga journey began in 2002 at the gym of York College, my alma mater, and had a great pleasure of learning Hatha yoga with Jean Aronoff. I was on and off my mat for a few years but I still applied the teachings of yoga in my daily life. My practice has been consistent since 2011 mostly vinyasa and restorative styles of yoga. I enjoy and love the practice so much that I have decided to take on the 200 Hour teacher training so that I would be able to share this beautiful practice knowledgably and safely. I trained with Laurie Ahlemann of the Long Island Yoga School and learned teaching vinyasa. I also completed a 100 Hour mentorship with Rei Farid and Miles Borrero of Living Yoga and they helped me take my foundational training to the next level. I am so honored and grateful to be guided by the great Sondra Loring of Satya Yoga Center for my 500 hour teacher training. I am actively participating in workshops to broaden my knowledge and enhance my teaching skills. I received my Restorative Yoga certification from Laughing Lotus NYC and Yin Yoga certification from Integral Yoga Center NYC.
My goal as yoga teacher is to guide students discover the love, light, truth and peace within each of us through asana, pranayama, meditation and yogic philosophies. I also want to create a safe, comfortable and neutral environment for students to experience the benefits of a balanced yoga practice.

Nina Li, RYT

Nina Li Yoga Teacher

My yoga journey started as a little girl’s dream. I was amazed when I saw a movie with a clip where a young woman practiced yoga in the beautiful Hawaii beach. Years later in 2003 for the first time I stepped onto my mat at a gym in North Carolina, I knew immediately that this is a journey for life. Through the years I have tried various gyms and styles and started teaching in a gym while I worked in China in 2011. I was trained with Laurie Ahlemann of the Long Island Yoga School in the 200 Hour teacher training on Prana Shakti Flow. I am now in my 500 hour training with Laurie. I am also actively participating in workshops to enhance my knowledge in specialized fields of restorative yoga, yin yoga and prenatal yoga.
  In my teaching, I put an emphasis on Prana with the flow, and the balance of Yin and Yang. I want to provide to my students a safe way to practice and a deeper link to the light within through breath, physical practice and meditation.
  My passion to yoga is to expand yoga beyond gyms and studios, into office, into everyday life, into the society, as a channel to better health, to inner peace, and to the love and truth. By living our life more consciously to ourselves, to the environment and the greater good, we can make our world a better place, one breath a time.  

Dena Coduri, RYT

Dena Coduri Yoga Teacher

If you are seeking flexibility, strength, stamina, and coordination…
If you are seeking peace of mind…
If you are seeking truth…
Join me in an encouraging, non-judgmental atmosphere. I am certified in a variety of styles of yoga, from the active and dynamic alignment/vinyasa flow, to the quietly intense yin yoga, to the gentle and meditative restorative yoga. I intend to meet you exactly where you are, whether it is your first day trying yoga, or you are beyond the basics and looking to dig deeper. I offer modifications within a group class to work with your body, by making the postures gentler or intense based on your currentability. My goal is to lead educational classes, while giving my students the space and silence to have their own unique experience. Find out more about my yoga journey at www.denacoduri.com.

Ryan La Bella, RYT

Ryan La Bella Yoga Teacher

I began practicing yoga in 2009 where I was invited to a vinyasa class at a gym in New Hyde Park. I immediately fell in love with the physical benefits. Later, I discovered the spiritual, emotional, and many other benefits of yoga. I continued on my journey exploring hot yoga and hatha yoga at studios like Laughing Buddha and BodyWorks Yoga and Pilates Studio. Later I found my niche. After 4 and half years of practicing I decided in the 200 HR teacher training at the Long Island Yoga School directed by Laurie Ahlemann. Once certified under the guidance of Laurie and Jennie Wilson I decided to become certified in Yin Yoga. I studied at the Integral Yoga Institute with Corina Benner. Much of my classes are well rounded and creative. I am greatly influenced by Denise Petersen, Lana D'Amico, Deborah Corsitto, Gail Grossman, and many more. Michael Sheridan has also been a big part of the journey as well, especially in the business aspect.

Mariko Imada, RYT

My yoga practice started when I walked in Living Yoga in Queens in May 2009. As an ex-gymnast, I had always been curious about yoga before then, but all I was doing was stretch or some poses while watching a yoga DVD before I go to bed.
After I took my first Vinyasa group class at LY, I felt like both my body and mind remembered what it was missing; I felt calmer, stronger, and energized in a way I have never experienced. I still remember my first two classes, actually.  Teacher instructed us to hold handstand for 2 minutes against the wall…it was intense, although, it was exhilarating and calming experience for me. I didn’t think anything, I was just there doing handstand…I just loved the way inversions made me feel. Since then, I didn’t look back and kept practicing yoga, as I cultivated a deeper level of physical and mental awareness as well.
After 5 years of practice, I took the 200 HR teacher training with Rei Farid and Miles Borrero, at Living Yoga. I received my Yin Yoga certification from Integral Yoga Center NYC in February 2015. As a yoga teacher, my objective is 1) to provide students genuine smiles on their faces after the class, 2) to guide students to develop their understanding of themselves and find their self-love through meditation and asana practice.  My Yin class is calming with inspirational quotations, my Vinyasa class is athletic yet accessible to anybody.

Grace Frisone, RYT

I received my 200 Hour Teacher Certification from Long Island Yoga School with Laurie Ahlemann and Jennie Wilson in May 2014. I am currently working on completing my 500 Hour Certification with Long Island Yoga School. I earned a YogaKids Foundations Certification from Gail Grossman in October 2014. I received my Restorative Teacher Certification from Gail Grossman in January 2015. And in September 2015 I earned my Reiki Initiation Certification from Reiki Master Laurie Ahlemann.

Laura Villafane

Laura Villafane Yoga Teacher

I began practicing yoga in 2011. Yoga was one of the few things that made me feel good during a challenging time. I continued practicing styles such as Bikram and vinyasa/alignment focused classes. I fell in love with the physical and mental benefits of yoga and decided I could pass this on to others by becoming certified. I completed my 200 hour teacher training at YogaWorks with Jeanmarie Paolillo and Jodie Rufty in 2013, and it taught me so much more than I had bargained for. I was forever changed by the idea that what you practice on the mat slowly but surely becomes reflections of who you can be off of the mat. With this in mind I continued taking workshops such as restorative yoga with Jillian Pransky, yoga for trauma with Lisa Danylchuk, and I completed an 85 hour prenatal and postnatal teacher training with Carrie Parker.

Irene Failenbogen

Irene Failenbogen Yoga Teacher

Originally from Argentina, Irene started to practice Yoga at age 15 advised by her back doctor because of back pain and scoliosis. After experiencing relief from her practice, she decided to pass on to others this wisdom and discipline of Yoga by becoming a teacher at age 20. Since then, she never stopped teaching Hatha Yoga. Along with her training as a Yoga instructor, she holds a degree as Professor of Body Techniques from the National School of Dance in Buenos Aires. Her desire to expand her horizons as a teacher, as well as a classical singer, brought her to New York in 1995. She continued her teaching in different clubs and Yoga studios like Bally’s Total Fitness, Keep in Touch, public libraries and senior centers. She also trained here with the school “Always at Aum” and became certified with a 200 Hour Teacher Training. Her class is known for her unique combination of poses, breathing techniques, and music. She has been teaching at Yoga Journey since last year.

Laurie Ahlemann, E-RYT

Laurie Ahlemann Yoga Teacher

Laurie Ahlemann has been practicing and teaching Vinyasa Flow yoga on Long Island since 1999. She is certified at the 500 hour level in the ISHTA yoga style. She attended the Be Yoga 500 hour certification program in New York City under the guidance of Alan Finger, founder of Ishta yoga (Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayuveda.) She is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500 experienced registered yoga teacher). Laurie also studied Raja Yoga Meditation at the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Center in Great Neck, Long Island for two years. These principles are applied in her guided meditation classes. She also attended a Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Corina Benner of Wake Up Yoga. In addition, she is a Reiki Master and a Master/Teacher of Magnified Healing. Laurie has also studied Anatomy and the philosophy of breath under Leslie Kaminoff at The Breathing Project in NYC. She is currently studying Bhakti Sastri through the Bhaktivedanta College. Laurie teaches a class that is energetically balanced with a breath-oriented flow that places focus on how to properly align the body to create easefulness and strength in the physical postures while creating a safe space for students' to move deeper inward. Laurie's classes meet each student where they are on their journey whether it be working toward deeper physical postures or uncovering the beauty and Divine Love that lives within.

Asiya Whittaker

Asiya completed her 200HR Yoga teacher certification at Living Yoga with Riham Farid and Miles Borrero in 2014. Since then, she has been teaching to private and group classes in different styles of yoga, such as vinyasa, Mommy and me, and Prenatal. Her objective as a teacher is to help lead students towards a deeper level of physical fitness and healthier lifestyle. And helping students to realize the importance of yoga and helping them maintain a healthy body, healthy mind, happiness and peace.

Christin Lee

Christin Lee Yoga Teacher
At a very early age, Christin was exposed to Gook SunDo, a type of Korean mountain Taoism that practices meditation, postures, breathing, and energy healing. As her practice deepened Christin branched out to learning various schools of yoga such as Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Katonah yoga.

Christin completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher certification with Mary Grace and James Onnikian at Yoga Oasis in Woodbury, New York. Although a teacher, she considers herself a lifelong student, continually reading and studying techniques and strategies to better herself as well as others.

She currently teaches Yoga 101 at Yoga Journey on Tuesday mornings at 9AM. Christin teaches with notes of humor allowing students to laugh and explore their space with a feeling of lightness, alignment and balance

Her personal mantra: Life is a continuum of learning.

Rebecca Lowry

Rebecca has been a student of movement, music, anatomy, the body and breath for the majority of her life. She began as a dancer, moved into performing, then became a NYS licensed massage therapist and instructor. She expanded her knowledge of the mind/body/breath connection by studying Alexander and Pilates. Then, she found yoga. That was over fifteen years ago and she is still an avid student and practitioner of the art. She is a 200-hour RYT and currently teaches Vinyasa, Restorative, and Yin yoga. Once a month, she teaches a specialty class to scoliosis patients between eight and sixty years old.

Garcia Simon-Clarke

Garcia comes from a background of physical fitness and fell in love with the martial arts in her youth. She enjoyed the discipline it provided her. She discovered yoga in 2008 and found the same discipline she enjoyed with the martial arts. She completed her 200 hours certification at Nicole’s Yoga Center in 2009, followed by a kids’ yoga certification under the tutelage of Shana Meyerson of mini yogis™ in 2011. Her 500hr yoga certification with Laurie Ahlemann of the Long Island Yoga School was completed in 2012, and in 2014 completed a 100hr mentorship program with Miles Borrero.

She uses her love and knowledge of kinetics to safely guide students to a safe practice allowing them to find the ability to go deeper and find lightness within each asana. Her classes are alignment oriented. She enjoys various styles of yoga and hopes to bring to her teaching the same love and joy she experiences from her practice.

Love & Light……

Ian Phillips

Ian Phillips Yoga Teacher

Born and bred in NYC, Ian uses his theater & acting background to teach a high energy,fun, and very much in- the- moment class. Through asana practices, Ian will take you on a transformative journey; cleansing your mind, healing your body, and purifying your soul. "There's Power in the practice", Ian says... "You just have to commit & I'll take you there"!

Along with his Power Yoga certification (RYT-200) Ian is an avid runner who trains new runners yearly for the marathon. He is caring, and his smile is inviting, but most of all it is his love for yoga that has led Ian on this quest to share the practice that gave him a second chance at life!

Ian is a firm believer of paying it forward; "you can't keep it unless you give it away!"

Roula Alikakos

Roula Alikakos Yoga Teacher

I began practicing yoga over 15 years ago. Although I began a practice for the physical benefits, I found an inner strength and peace that changed my life. As a result, I completed my 200 hour teacher training at Long Island Yoga School with Laurie Ahlemann. I am currently working on completing my 300 hour teacher training with Laurie at Long Island Yoga School. I also actively participate in workshops to continue to expand my knowledge and enhance my practice.

I teach an energetic vinyasa flow for all levels combining alignment and core strength. I walk you through each posture with clear cues and encouragement to create a comfortable environment where every student is challenged and experiences a feeling of accomplishment.

Asha Kumar, RYT

Asha Kumar Yoga Teacher

My Asana practice is an amalgam of old world India, where I first learned Yoga to the studio style teachings as practiced in the United States, my current home.

I’m a registered teacher with Yoga alliance and did my teacher training certification at the Long Island Yoga School under Laurie Ahlemann and Jennie Wilson. I then did a 6 month work study program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute, Brooklyn.

If you’d like to be in a class that focuses on breath awareness and posture, come join me. It would be my honor to lead you through my techniques.

I start my classes by diffusing aromatherapy oils and end them with a guided meditation in savasana. You will leave my class having worked your muscles, gained flexibility, and hopefully an awareness of the mind, body, breath connection.

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